I am a 23 year old 3D animator, modeler, and motion designer by trade. I have done work as a graphic designer, photo re-toucher, and photographer too. I am currently a student at Macomb Community College in Warren, Michigan since 2019. I am going for an associate degree in applied science majoring in 3D animation. 
I grew up in Macomb, Michigan. I have loved art since I was a young child taking art classes in elementary school. I enjoy handmade arts like ceramics, wire sculpting, macrame, and metal work. I was introduced into digital media by a friend in high school. My high school, Dakota High School, had a program arranged with Chippewa Valley Highschool to offer graphic design classes to students in the district. This is where I learned to love to create digital art. Starting with Adobe illustrator and moving into Adobe Photoshop spread across 4 semesters.
My first job in digital media was creating the design for Prom 2019 tickets for Chippewa Valley Highschool. A job I currently have is taking pictures and editing the photos for Koda & Kel LLC. I will be creating the logo animation for the company in May 2024. 
Majority of my projects were made for school, but I hope to continue creating magical art after graduating. I strive to constantly better myself through experience and practice and hope to one day work with individuals who share the same passion and commitment to creating quality art, in whatever form.
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